Laven Jazz Body Scrub


Customer Reviews

It's what you do to wake your skin up that matters so much to us at Chantalluxe Beauty, so we formulated The Laven Jazz Body Scrub using ingredients like rich coffee and sunflower oil. Our body exfoliant is perfect for peeling away dead skin, while nourishing the skin at the same time.

We provide you with a 2.5" inch cosmetic spatula, to scoop out the right amount for you. Rub your body scrub into the palm of your hand and massage it into your skin before rinsing it all off. This is an experience worth having!


The sugar on top:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

Active Ingredients: 

  • Manuka Honey
  • Rich Dark Roast Coffee
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Essential Oils
  • Love


Skincare Benefit: 

Laven Jazz Body Scrub helps to reduce cellulite, is calming, and is rich in the anti-aging agents that feed the skin while providing exfoliation.


CLB Expression: 

I AM purifying, magnetic and embracing.​


This handmade product Includes:

  • 6.7-oz Laven Jazz Body Butter