Who We Are


If you've landed on this page, thank you in advance for your curiosity and the time you're about to invest in learning more about ChantalLuxe. Chances are, you're not expecting a young millennial mind to be behind the ChantalLuxe Beauty brand, but stepping into leadership and looking to create opportunities for others, is not foreign to me. Hi, I'm Michael, Army Veteran, HBCU Grad, Podcaster, Poet, looking to service your beauty and wellness needs. For me it's about bridging the gap and spreading positivity; what better way to do that than through beauty and wellness?

Our mantra at ChantalLuxe Beauty is simple, Self Love + Self Expression = Beauty. Our brand name is a motif of my mothers middle name. My mother has always reminded me of how important it is to love yourself, so that you can give your best self to the world. The mission that drives us to do what we do, is to put 40,000 smiles on 40,000 faces.

Hopefully learning more about us invigorates you as much as our products will, and who knows, maybe you'll join our efforts in spreading this message about beauty. In the meantime, welcome to ChantalLuxe Beauty.

Live. Love. Luxe!