How do I care for my New Hair Extensions?

It is important that you follow these hair care tips so your new hair extensions will last as long as possible.

Washing Hair: Hair should be treated as normal hair and washed regularly to maintain its natural shape. Shampoo, condition and moisturize your hair every 3-5 days. Make sure to brush out all tangles before you wash your hair or go to sleep at night. Always use a low PH high moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Some shampoos can be too harsh for your hair extensions; we recommend that you pre- condition your extensions before washing by applying conditioner to hair without rinsing it out. Then wash hair normally and follow with conditioner.

How much hair is needed?
A minimum of 3-4 ounces of hair is need to add fullness or length to your own hair. A minimum of 6-8 ounces of hair is needed for a full weave depending on how fullness desired.  Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, you can request a sample cutting for your reference before placing a complete order.

How do I style my new hair extensions? 
• Use a soft bristle brush starting from the bottom, gently work your way up. Do not tug or pull on the hair.
• At night, tie your hair up gently or wrap it to prevent tangling.
• If you have braid extensions, run your fingers through the braids to help prevent tangling.

What are recommended Hair Products?

Get the full benefits of your hair by using high quality products. Taking care of your hair is an important part of maintaining longevity and shine. Below are some recommended products that keep hair soft and manageable. Garnier Fructis Hair Care Mizani Moisturfusion Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

***DO NOT PUSH CUT OR NEEDLE THROUGH HAND-TIED WEFTS*** This will jeopardize the integrity of the hair causing tangling and shedding. The wefts come in pieces and are flexible and can be folded to desired length then sewn in.


Why is there such an emphasis on quality?

We know that choosing Virgin Indian hair extensions can be difficult and frustrating because of the time and expense involved in having them applied. It is important to use high quality hair that will last. All of our hair is of the highest quality and 100% human. Our virgin Remy hair has all cuticles intact and unidirectional to prevent tangling. You will have confidence with your new natural, beautiful and manageable Indian hair extensions. Our hair is perfect for sew-in weaves.

What can you offer salon owners?

Stop sending your clients elsewhere to purchase hair.

Offer it in-house and streamline the hair service process.

If your installing 5-50 weaves per month this is the right program for you.

Earn up to $100K selling hair in your location.

It is time for salons and stylist to start making money retailing hair

Our hair comes in natural textures of Straight, Wavy and Curly and in a natural tone of dark brown to natural black and. The hair can be colored with professional permanent, semi-permanent and cellophane coloring products. The hair is machined weft, hand-tied weft or bulk. Machine wefts and hand-tied wefts are used for weaving. Bulk hair is used for braiding and fusion

***Bulk hair is not kept in stock and has to be pre-ordered and is not available on-line  Please email us if you want to place an order for bulk or pre-tipped hair