Luxe Men's Beardsmen Brush + Comb



When you think of the Luxe Men's Beardsmen Brush + Comb set, think of soft, detangled and healthy. Plastic and metal combs are too harsh and can easily damage your beard by snagging at beard hairs and cause split ends. Split ends naturally catch and snag on each other and on healthy beard hair ends, eventually leading to more split ends and irreparable beard hair shafts.

The Luxe + Comb, is designed with the beardsmen in mind. Made of quality anti-static pear wood, the Luxe + Comb prevents snagging, split ends and promotes healthy beard growth.

The Luxe Beard Brush on the other hand is made from 100% pure boars hair and an ABS handle, making for a lightweight, durable handle and grippable handle. The bristles are designed to handle strong water absorption and have good elasticity, so that it is gentle on the skin while cleaning and polishing the hair, and remain completely static free. This densely filled brush, allows groomsmen to  lather when incorporated with shaving cream and shape when using our Luxe Beard Balm

Also included is a plush cloth bag, but are big enough to be easily pocketed and fit comfortably in your palm. Purchase the set and beard butter together for the total Luxe Men experience.

Skincare Benefit: Boars head bristle distribute oil to the root of each hair shaft, helping to provide a natural shine for all skin types. With regular use, a boar bristle brush can discourage ingrown hairs from forming and exfoliate dead skin cells. Because it’s an effective way of cleaning your beard and skin, daily use means you can cut down on how often you shampoo your beard (excessive washing can easily dry out your beard).

Curly beard hairs challenge the teeth of a weak beard comb, lead to split ends and an unhealthy beard. Pearwood is able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with beard grooming as it is a very strong wood typically grown in Europe, North Africa and Siberia.

CLB Expression: I AM assertive, unique, and dignified.​

Suggested Usage:


  • Begin use once your beard or mustache is ½ inch or greater.
  • Start at your neckline and brush all the way out to your chin.
  • Brush through your facial hair from the roots to their tips.
  • Allow the brush bristles to massage the skin beneath your beard.

Aim to brush your beard every morning and evening.

For comb

  • When you reach about 1½ inches of beard hair, incorporate the Luxe + Comb.
  • Apply Luxe Beard Balm to a freshly-cleansed and towel-dried beard or mustache.
  • Hold your comb with the teeth facing towards the ceiling.
  • Start at your neckline and comb all the way out to your chin.

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